Pellegrino and PannaItaly, the birthplace of S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, is where the journey begins.

Found on tables worldwide in some of the best restaurants and in-home, S. Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water have a long and rich history that tells the story behind its properties and unique taste.

S.Pellegrino’s story can be found on its bottle — it originates in San Pellegrino, a little town located in northern Italy, and the iconic red star showcases its premium quality.

First bottled in 1899, the water in S.Pellegrino flows from a thermal spring for thirty years deep beneath the Italian Alps, gathering minerals from the different layers of rocks to form its character, before natural bubbles are carefully added for carbonation.

San Pellegrino MountainsIn accordance with Italian law, S.Pellegrino must be bottled directly at the source in the San Pellegrino Terme bottling plant to preserve the water’s purity and quality. Natural mineral water, to be commercialized as such, needs to fulfill this requirement, as well as not to undergo any additional treatment.

Brilliant and finely effervescent with a tingling freshness, S.Pellegrino presents a subtle sensation on the palate with a pleasant aftertaste. It is best accompanied with foods that have intense, powerful and evolving flavors.

Acqua Panna’s story can also be found on its bottle. In 2014, a new label was designed to underline the strong link between Acqua Panna and its territory of origin, reflecting a classical renaissance look with the renowned Tuscan countryside landscape. It also features the Tuscany Taste logo, the official tag that the Region created for the 100% Tuscan products of excellence.

The still water begins its journey on the slopes of Mt. Gazzaro in the Apennine Mountains and flows in the underground aquifer for fifteen years before emerging into a natural preserve of more than 3,000 acres, which has been protected for 400 years.

Vllla Acqua PannaAcqua Panna is bottled at the source at Villa Panna. This Tuscan renaissance villa was the holiday estate of the legendary royal Florentine family of the Medicis, Italy’s most power family in the 16th century.

The gentle handling of Acqua Panna gives it a perfectly balanced luminescence that can enhance the most delicate flavors. Acqua Panna pairs well with simple, fresh and light flavors.

Serving these waters is simple. Simply open the cap and pour into the glass to enjoy with food and wine. Both waters are best served without an accompaniment of ice or lemon.

All water is different, but natural mineral water has a special definition of being pure and uncontaminated, attaining its characteristics and uniqueness from the territory in which it emerges.

By virtue of their origins, S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna perfectly embody Italian style as a synthesis of conviviality, well-being and fine dining — having taken a unique journey from a unique place.