SELEUŠS Chocolates’ creator Alexander Long is a puzzle master. As a weapons designer for the U.S. military, he has put pieces together to solve needs on a daily basis.

Chocolatier Alexander came to confections as a passion. During his travels around the world, he sought out the best chocolates to bring home as a remembrance of the spots he visited. These pleasing delights helped him lay his palate foundation and opened the door to his decision to give crafting even better examples of chocolate himself.

Early on, Alexander strategically steered clear of entering the sea salt caramel arena, instead developing his expertise in floral flavors—infusing ganache with essences of orange blossom, rose, lavender, hibiscus, and violet serve as his main line treats.

He has also found that the slightest percentage of chocolate adjustment does matter when it comes to achieving his preferred flavor profile of chocolate.

Orange Blossom HoneySELEUŠS Chocolates’ Orange Blossom Honey confection begins with a honey truffle ganache that includes the essence of Spanish Organic Blossom Honey within the organic cream and 49.66% chocolate ganache. The morsel is then covered with two layers of dark chocolate, one of 52% the other is 73-75% and topped with wild flower bee pollen.

Hibiscus & VioletThe Hibiscus + Violet offering starts with organic milk steeped with hibiscus flowers then added to a 49.5% chocolate ganache. Its two coating layers are made with 52% and 73-75% chocolate. Violet flower petals adorn the creation.

Alexander also wanted to solve the puzzle of chocolate flavor perfection itself. He seeks chocolate flavor over sugar flavor as the hallmark component in confections. Through his ten years of research, he came to believe that this holy grail was more difficult to discover than defense tasks. He admits his first 5,200 batches were not great. Just when he thought he had the solution, other challenges would come up and Alexander would always question how he could make his offerings better and better.

That is the puzzle-solver’s self-challenge, how to do it and make it better.

For the past two years, SELEUŠS Chocolates’ Alexander has been sourcing the globe for the best ingredients. He is strictly against artificial food colorings and enrobes his truffles in two layers of dark chocolate each with a different percentage of chocolate to tame any sugar-sweet flavors that might come through.

CoffeeHe has expanded his offerings into the beverage-inspired realm with coffee and tea flavors plus a boozy assortment featuring brandy and eau-de-vie fruit brandy.

Each of the chocolates is topped with real food elements ranging from crushed rose petals and lavender petals, to crushed orange peel and wild flower bee pollen.

BarsSELEUŠS Chocolates also offers a line of chocolate bars, each crafted by hand and lavishly adorned with real food decorative elements including floral petals and caramelized cocoa nibs.

The Kirkland, Washington-based SELEUŠS Chocolates will be at the Seattle Food and Wine Experience showcasing their offerings. SELEUŠS Chocolates are also available online and at both Seattle locations of The Finerie and McCarthy & Schiering on Queen Anne.