You like food. You like wine, beer and spirits. When on vacation, you elevate meal planning to an art form seeking the best your destination offers.

Ready for an immersion course where food culture is exalted, ingredients are introduced, and there is a seemingly endless amount of beverages to enjoy? Consider a themed vacation focusing on food and drink.

With well-earned vacation days a limited commodity, planning a culinary-style vacation appears to be daunting. To design a vacation for full value, taking full opportunity of your chosen destination, consider engaging a travel planner.

More than a planner, these professionals are travel advisors. Much like a personal shopper, they provide one-stop shopping—handling air arrangements, rental cars, side trips, resort and hotel stays—plus guarantee the best rates and offer inside information not always available.

Mercato CentraleSure you can spend hours researching online information of destinations, locations, sights and must-sees. The downside is the risk of finding out you missed a hidden gem or spent more money than you needed to. Imagine missing the Tuscan food market by one day or finding the Saki distillery closed.

Travel planners are destination specialists, coming to you with insider tips based on experiences and connections. They know the lay of the land.

Specializing in culinary and Ophelia-centric experiences requires a special niche travel planner to make sure your experience goes off without missing out on learning the secrets of culinary artistry from celebrity chefs or picking the brain of distinguished wine authorities.

Whether you select to delve into the local cuisine of Spain or Morocco by land, cruise the California coast with a noted winemaker, or travel to an internationally acclaimed wine and food festival, your travel takes on an experiential dimension as you visit wineries and taste with wine world luminaries, local experts and chefs.

Parisian Enjoying DinnerImagine getting the local culinary perspective from native sommeliers, cookbook authors and other experts in ports of call cooking schools, pubs and restaurants.

To further ensure you get the most out of your few precious vacation days, travel planners give personalized services, learning their traveler’s interests and lifestyles. A romantic getaway for two, a family cruise and a European adventure each have their own style and needs.

They also unravel the complex details of packing smartly, booking the best excursions, and social media tools you can use to share travel plans with the traveling group and those at home.

While on vacation, travel planners give you peace of mind, knowing that your advisor is knowledgeable of the most current promotions, best value at the best price and will keep you away from something that could go wrong before or during your trip including cancelled flights.

Travel specialist Adam Martindale will be at Seattle Wine and Food Experience on Feb. 21, 2016, to showcase his upcoming cruises and tours. Explore how his thirty years of sea and land experience can be put to work for you planning that next food and wine exploration.

Viking CruisesHis Taste of Bordeaux tour includes Paris, a seven-night river cruise from Bordeaux ending with two nights in the Loire Valley with Sauternes tasting, Medoc tasting, Saint Emilion excursion and visiting several Chateaus.

He also designs custom vacations.

Take some time to chat with Adam to see how your travel dreams can become reality.