Hosted by Chef in the Hat Thierry Rautureau of LUC and Rover’s. Drop in early for your chance to win cookbook author Cynthia Nims’ Gourmet Game Night and shoot the food breeze with Nims, Rautureau and food writer Julien Perry. Learn how to pair food with beer from Stella Artois, and in the final hour join the Chef in the Hat for his lively show called  “What’s in Your Fridge” featuring Julien Perry.

12:00  Chef Thierry Rautureau, Cynthia Nims and Julien Perry

Come and chat with us about food, wine, restaurants and dining out. We have cool prizes to give-away!

1:00    Chef Brian Scheesher, Trellis

Learn about Washington beef short ribs, how to trim them, and Chef Brian’s braising technique. Then stop by his table in the Washington Beef Bistro and sample them!

1:45    Chefs McCracken and Tough, Spur/Tavern Law/The Coterie Room

You will be wowed by their creativity. These two chefs are simply amazing.

2:30    Chef Adam Sappington, The Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar

Showing off a few skills with American lamb, watch Chef Adam bone-out, stuff and truss a lamb shoulder with spinach and hazelnut mustard. Make sure to stop by his booth for his lamb bresaola!

3:15   Chef John Sarich, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

No one can pair wine with food like John Sarich. Watch, listen and learn as John shows you how to properly sear king salmon with fresh chanterelles, and pair the dish with wine.

4:00   Chef Thierry Rautureau – “What’s in your Fridge” – with Julien Perry

It’s a game and you get to play! Can you stump the chef? Tell him what ingredients you have in your fridge at home and he will come up with a killer meal in no time flat. He is very good at this. You have been warned!