Puzzle Master

SELEUSS Chocolates Featured

SELEUŠS Chocolates’ creator Alexander Long is a puzzle master. As a weapons designer for the U.S. military, he has put pieces together to solve needs on a daily basis. Chocolatier Alexander came to confections as a passion. During his travels around the world, he sought out the best chocolates to bring home as a remembrance …

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I Love EWE!


February isn’t just the time for Valentine’s and romantic love it’s also a time to celebrate LAMB! American Lamb Lovers Month is full of fun and goodies including giveaways, events and delicious recipes. Pop over to the American Lamb website and find out your “Lamb Language of Love” by taking their Lamb Lovers Libs quiz! EWE could …

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Touring and Tasting the Northwest


Northwest Travel and Life magazine brings together an exhibit from a variety of Northwest regions from Alaska to Oregon showcasing the growing agri-tourism from each region. Taste from a variety of their regionally grown and produced products ranging from honey to wine and cider to chocolate. Explore the Gourmet Archipelago of San Juan Islands Fresh, …

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QFC Sets The Standard – Part 2


For Part 1 of this article click here. Perennial Seattle Wine and Food Experience favorite QFC, returns to the 2016 event with specially selected reserve wines. For more than 60 years QFC has been the quintessential “neighborhood market” in Western Washington and has set the standard for grocery store wine departments. The bar is set …

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Keeping it Real, Northwest Style


The Northwest stokes cidermakers’ passion to create exceptional ciders. Since the best apples in America, arguably the world, come from the Northwest, it only makes sense that the newly introduced Flatbed Cider carries a local stamp.

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From Belgium with Love

Stella Artois is much more than simply a beer. With strong and proud Belgian roots, every glass and bottle poured, this beer tells a story that began in 1366.

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Orfeo Recreates Time Honored Classics


Heavily influenced by the cuisine of France and Italy, Orfeo recreates time honored comfort classics with a modern slant using regional seasonal ingredients and artisan cooking techniques.

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